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Hello and Welcome!

We are Bree and Jacob, owners of Laughin' Place Rattery. 

We are 20-somethings who live in Carbondale Illinois, and we LOVE rats!

I (Bree) grew up with rats, and got my first pair (named Diamond and Sparkle) in 2000. As a kid, I wanted to be a veterinarian. I grew up as an animal lover and advocate, and have many years of animal experience both in a professional and private setting.  I grew up with animals of all kinds, including dogs, cats, rats, rabbits, hamsters, fish, snakes, raccoons, lizards, and more! 
I am the oldest of 5 sisters, and I tend to spend my free time reading, painting, and studying rats and teaching others about them!
Jacob grew up with dogs and cats, but was thrilled to add a more unique pet in his adult life!
Jacob has 3 younger brothers, and spends his free time reading, playing video games, and listening to me talk about rats.

We are originally from Tennessee, where we went to high school together and began dating. In 2013, right after graduating high school, I moved to Charleston, Illinois to be with family and go to college. Jacob moved to Carbondale in 2014 to start at SIU. After I graduated college, I moved here to be with Jacob, who was still attending university.
Shortly after getting our first place together in Carbondale in 2016, we adopted our first two rats together, Tetra and Zinni. 

In October 2017 we welcomed our first litter. Since then, we have continued to strive for excellence with our rats by improving each generation's temperament, health, conformation, and color. 

We of course have a small collection of permanent resident rats.

Please visit our FAQ page for more info, and don't hesitate to reach out!

Please note that, sadly, as of Spring 2021, we are no longer in operation.


(Passed away July 2022)