Roobin 2.png


DOB: May 21, 2020 

Blue-Point Siamese Blazed Dumbo


DOB: November 26, 2020 
Russian Platinum Satin Rex Berkshire


DOB: November 26, 2020 
Russian Blue Satin Rex Berkshire

Robin, along with her sister Nami, came to us from our friends at Terra-Fauna Exotics!

Robin was the mother of our November 2020 litter, and is a gem in every way. Robin's petite size and adorable dumbo ears draw everyone in, and once you get to know her, her beautiful personality shines through like a little diamond!
Robin is now living the remainder of her days with her living children that we kept - Silver Chariot and Scarlett. 

Silver Chariot is named after our beloved
Polnareff, who he resembles so strongly. Chariot was neutered in the Spring of 2022 after he became our last living male, so that he could live out his days with the girls.

Scarlett, much like their sister Bobbie, ended up staying with us almost on accident. Scarlett had a serious injury when she was only about 4 weeks old (her name derives from us calling her "the girl with the scar"), and we got attached during her aftercare and treatment. 

These rats are such beautiful little souls, and a wonderful daily reminder of the dedication, work, and love that we've put into our rats for the last 6 years. 


PLEASE NOTE: We are no longer breeding or selling rats.

Due to ongoing and unresolvable health issues in our line, complications and struggles stemming from COVID-19, issues within the community, and other personal issues, LFNP ceased operation as of Spring 2021. 

We will continue to update our website to be a resource for anyone considering rats for pets for as long as it is feasible.

Thank you for your support!!